About John

Self-photoPixel Shrimp Media is a self-run business managed by John Mahoney, providing writing services – ranging from news and feature writing, to interviewing and investigating – as well as social network management and other media-related services.

On this here website, you’ll find lots of information about me and, more importantly, the work I’m doing. You will find links for websites I’m writing for, as well as links to other work. This website is also being used as my own personal blog, for weekly writings about different subjects that I’ve yet to have the chance to take on and whatever else is going on.

The plan for the blog is to be updated at least once a week, about subjects close to me, plus the odd review and things I want to write about but do not have the professional opportunity at this time.

The services I provide are mainly based around reporting and writing, and copy writing. I also have a wide range of resourceful knowledge on social networks and new technologies, plus some web design. I also love travelling and have experience with covering events and product reviews.

If you would be interested in hiring me for any sort of writing job, I’d love to hear from you! Just use the Contact Me page to get in touch!

For convenience, you can also find a PDF copy of my CV here.