The beautiful thing about running your own business and/or website is being your own boss. You can control how everything works and, where possible, delegate tasks to other workers or even freelancers – like me.

If you are running a business primarily from a website, then you can work from anywhere. This, personally, is my favourite thing. So wherever you are in the world, if you are looking for a dedicated, reliable English-speaking freelancer, then maybe we can find some common ground.

Blog Writing and Coaching

It might seem like a lot of work and a daunting process at first, but regular content is the key to a successful website. Search engines, such as Google, look for your search engine optimisation (SEO), this is how your website appears on Google and judges how far down the page it should appear in the search results.

No matter what hosting service you use for your website – for example, Joomla, Weebly or WordPress – I can offer advice on blog writing skills and techniques, subject matters, and even write blogs for you, depending on word count requirements.

Personally, I love writing about new subjects and exploring new ideas and areas of interest. So if you are unsure as to whether I would be the right fit for your topic, then feel free to get in touch and we can discuss it openly, without issue or any obligation.


The thing about copywriting is that it takes time. Even if you’re reasonably fast at typing and don’t mind doing the work, it takes time away from other things, like actually running your business.

The simple way around this is to find someone else to do it. I can deliver timely write ups and tailor the words to your website’s tone and style.


The little things really matter, especially when it comes to you putting yourself out there as a professional business. Simple things such as typos and funny wording on the front page of your website can be hard to spot when you’ve spent hours, days and weeks staring at it, and if new clients see it they can often be put off.

Whether it’s for your whole website or just some of the editorial, I can provide a simple proofreading service. Having a pair of fresh eyes, completely new to the subject, can have an astounding effect on spotting these little mistakes.

All pricing is flexible as I am still working things out. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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